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General purpose sandwich ELISA assay tool kit for quantitative determination of total human IgE in biological and clinical research samples, not for use in clinical diagnostic procedures. Protocol optimized for sample concentrations between 20ng and 12µg IgE/ml (~ 10 and 5000 IU/ml).


Sensitive sandwich ELISA assay tool kit for quantitative determination of total human IgE in biological research samples. High sensitivity protocol designed to work within an IgE concentration range between 1 and 20 ng/ml. Allows to analyze (serum) samples with IgE levels between 0.5 and 50 IU/ml.


Receptor based sandwich ELISA Assay tool kit for quantitative determination of free human IgE in biological research samples. The kit utilizes recombinant human IgE high affinity receptor, alpha-chain for coating of microtiter plate wells. Calibrated IgE standards and samples are added to the wells. Only free IgE, capable of binding to it's high affinity receptor, is measured. IgE neutralized by complex formation with therapeutic agents (e.g. omalizumab) or naturally occurring neutralizing anti-IgE auto-antibodies does not bind to the microtiter plate wells.

Each IgEQUANT® kit contains the capture antibody / recombinant IgE receptor, a biotinylated detection antibody, a calibrated reference standard, an avidin peroxidase conjugate and a detailed kit-specific protocol.

The IgEQUANT®-R kit utilizes a unique recombinant human FceRIa construct for IgE capturing, especially designed for maintenance of biologically active and sterically intact conformation after coating to microtiter plate wells.

IgEQUANT® kit quality control follows ICH and Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute® guidelines. The IgE reference standard included in the kits is calibrated against the internationally accepted WHO IgE reference (WHO, 2nd IRP, 75/502).  Therefore, IgEQUANT® kits will deliver reliable results when used to establish ELISA assays for determination of total and free IgE serum levels in clinical research samples.

One IgEQUANT® research tool kit contains components required for the establishment of sandwich ELISA’s sufficient to run ten 96-well microtiter plates.

IgEQUANT® Human IgE Detection Kits

NBS-C BioScience

NBS-C BioScience ELISA R&D Tool Kits

  • Affordable, versatile, precise, convenient
  • Keep costs low – coat your own plates

NBS-C BioScience ELISA development tool kits contain functionally matched and well characterized components for the establishment of sandwich ELISA assays by the customer. Each kit contains the capture antibody, a biotinylated detection antibody, a calibrated reference standard, an avidin peroxidase conjugate, and detailed kit-specific protocols. As R&D tools, the kits provide many advantages over „classical“ commercially available pre-coated microtiter plate ELISA systems:

  • Flexibility to establish protocols individually adapted to customer’s demand
  • Matched and fully characterized high quality components meeting all standards as required for clinical IVD assays at only a fraction of the price to be paid for standard coated microtiter plate assay kit
  • Ideal for development and conduction of medium to high throughput screening assays
  • High assay sensitivity
  • Option of continuous interaction and support by manufacturers who are experts in the field of application of the assays
  • Detailed assay description and protocols optimized for different R&D applications