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​Anti-human IgE High Affinity Receptor, Alpha Chain, mAb (IM-2)
​​This mouse monoclonal antibody recognizes an epitope within the alpha 2 domain of the human high affinity IgE receptor. It inhibits binding of IgE to this receptor and is suitable to detect receptors expressed on primary cells and cell lines (e.g mast cells and basophils). It can also be used as weak to moderate cross-linking agent for IgE-independent triggering of effector cells and to detect IgE receptor in ELISA and W-blots.  

Affinity - purified from cell culture supernatant by Immunoaffinity chromatography on anti-mouse IgG1-agarose

Applications: ELISA, FACS, W-blot, functional cellular assays  (mast  cell / basophil activation)

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